Tea for Kids - choose to brew a drink that is packed full of goodness, caffeine free, delicious and super easy to make.

Either treat your brew as fuel for your child or think of establishing family rituals and fun memories that they will fondly remember forever.
Ways to incorporate Tea Potion Herbals into your child's daily nutrition or special occasion celebrations.


  • Prepare an iced herbal & fruit drink so it is in the fridge for when they arrive home after school - read about how to make Ice tea on the recipes page. You may need to start introducing your child to this range by using it to dilute their fruit juice, over time replacing it completely.


  • Use the herbals & fruits brew as a sports drink substitute or include as the beverage of choice in the daily school lunch box.


  • Prepare frozen herbals & fruit moulds which can be enjoyed on a hot day or blitz for a frozen slushy treat 


  • Birthday parties - brew up some big jugs of herbals and fruits for the table.Schedule a tea break with your child or family as often as you can manage where you sit down and introduce them to the joy of pausing together.

While research is still being undertaken on what age children should be introduced to caffeine (reports in Britain show that average age a child starts drinking tea is 7.50 years old) Tea for Kids does not contain any caffeine and allows you to take back control of the amount of sugar being consumed. 

If you want to read more on the subject of tea and caffeine for children you might find the below article of interest:

Dr Carrie Ruxton, a dietician and consultant to the UK Tea Council has recently published results of studies related to caffeine consumption in children. Her results published in the journal Public Health Nutrition suggests that caffeine consumption is not only safe for young people, but a small amount (one or two cups daily) can improve brain power, dexterity, athletic achievement and more. She noted that tea also has significantly fewer calories than many soft drinks. Another benefit tea consumption can also offer children is a source of fluoride which can make teeth stronger.