About Us

Tea Potion was founded out of the love for handpicked teas. We support the entire Tea Industry from the farmers, pickers and production staff that are involved in this ancient cultural journey from around the globe. Tea Potion have crafted this philosophy to deliver ongoing support to the people who share the same passion, thus ensuring that the highest standards of speciality tea quality and customer service are forever evolving. Our Accredited Master Tea Blender only creates teas that are a culinary explosion of smell and taste. We source the rarest, small batch, artisan teas and herbs direct from tea growers in Japan, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Korea and specialise in Australian grown green teas. This ensures freshness and variety all year round. For us it's not just about the tea but the experience that goes with it. Our motto encapsulates the brand and also forms the pillars of our continued growth. "Love tea, Love life ". With the Australian market becoming more interested in the ever growing world of tea, we aim to make our brand stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a diverse business investment where you can earn an excellent income. We invite you to share our passion for a healthy and active lifestyle and join in our success by providing a quality product for today's vibrant, savvy, and vivacious consumer.

What is a Master Tea Blender?

Just like a musician creates a melody or a painter paints a picture, in the creative process of the tea blender, the composition depends as much on talent, intuition and creativity as knowledge and practical experience on the subject matter. After all, creating a blend is like composing a song or painting a beautiful portrait. We must be aware of the technique to let the Muse come in and inspire us; but as Pablo Picasso used to say  “The Muse exists, but she has to find us working”