Boost Me Up Scotty!

1 litre of chilled filtered water 
4 tablespoons of Immune Booster Herbal Tisane
fruits, peppermint or honey for extra taste
ice for extra hot days

Place chilled filtered water into a 1ltr jug, steep the tea in a filter in the water, allow at least 60 minutes for desirable taste for this amount of water. Add fruits & fresh herbs for healthy alternative.  
Steep over night for  a stronger taste


The Healthiest Icypoles Ever

1 cup Optimum Health or Immune Booster or Green Tea with Peaches (any tea can be used) 

1/2 cup any fruits

 6 fresh mint leaves (1 leaf for each icy pole)

Pour tea into a 6-hole, 60ml-capacity (each) ice-block mould. Divide ingredients between holes, leaving 5mm for expansion when freezing. Place lids on moulds. Freeze overnight or until firm. Add fruits & fresh herbs for healthy alternative.  

Snow White's Potion
10g Snow Whites Potion 
3oz Elderflower Concentrate 
2oz Gin 
250ml Soda Water 
Squeeze Lime Juice 

Steep Snow Whites Potion in a teapot with 250ml of cold soda water for 1hr in the fridge. remove from fridge, add Elderflower Concentrate, Gin, lime juice to the pot and stir. Garnish with Elderflower spriggs.